Preventing Holiday Business Burglary in Retail

George Schneck
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As local businesses continue to rebound after Covid-related setbacks, the holidays introduce an entirely new challenge to deal with: seasonal burglary. This is especially a concern for retail storefronts. Criminals know the holidays are a time when more valuable merchandise is inside, and more cash is in the register. 

At Security Instrument, we’ve been safeguarding storefronts since 1960; throughout that time, we have adapted our services to meet the changing needs of the businesses we protect. Here are some of our recommendations for preventing holiday business burglary at your retail store. 

Intrusion Alarm Monitoring 

Basic burglar alarm protection is a thing of the past. Today, you can get a more comprehensive defense from afterhours break-ins with a powerfully monitored alarm that’s connected to our central station. That’s where live agents are working around the clock, ready to respond to alarm signals and send police immediately. And with additional smash and grab protection, you can rest assured that your signal still reaches the central station even if the criminal attempts to disable the alarm panel. 

Mobile App Control 

From the convenience of your smartphone, you can see what’s happening anytime — and, you can control your system remotely. You’ll have the ability to arm and disarm the system from your mobile app to prevent late night runs out; set custom alerts for key security events so you don’t miss a thing; and, even view your cloud-based camera footage in the palm of your hand.

Your mobile app is a small, but powerful tool for staying plugged into your store’s security system all the time. 

Access Control Restriction 

Access control is for more than office buildings. Your retail operation can benefit from it as well, especially if there are restricted areas that are only for staff members or high-level employees. You can receive alerts when a door is opened or when someone who doesn’t possess the proper credential attempts to enter. And when you have cameras watching those restricted areas, you can check your timestamped video to confirm your access control reports. You’ll know who entered, through which door, and at what time. Access control is a great way to expand your burglary prevention to include internal loss prevention. 

Annual holiday burglary risks are nothing new, but you can take steps to protect your retail business with the right security. To discuss any of the services discussed here, call Security Instrument today. We look forward to speaking with you. 

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