Campus Security for a New Era

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The new school year is underway, and many campuses are working to bring their security technology up to a higher standard for the COVID era. Here are some solutions we can help with. 

Insightful Video Surveillance 

Video monitoring has always been one of the best ways to keep an eye on your campus. Not only can video identify threats from outside sources, but it can also watch over problem areas where students may go to start fights, ditch class or engage in other prohibited activities. 

But in the COVID era, video surveillance can also be a solution for COVID-related concerns. Cameras can capture footage of students who attempt to come to school before completing a quarantine. Furthermore, your video can tell you when a common area is over capacity and in violation of your gathering restrictions. Gain key insights from a cloud video solution or locally hosted NVR.

Invaluable Access Control 

It’s hard to put a value on access control, because the benefits are virtually unlimited. Whether you have a high traffic day care facility, a busy secondary school or a massive college campus, access control can restrict entry to areas for security reasons or COVID-related concerns. 

If a student has reported infection or exposure to the virus, your campus administrator can deactivate the student’s access card during the quarantine period.

This is useful for scenarios in which a parent may attempt to send the student back before quarantine is complete. Even when access control is already in place, adding new access control stations to specific areas around campus can support your school’s social distancing policies. 

Important Mass Notifications 

A mass notification system is often the best way to evacuate campus buildings quickly and in an orderly fashion; in uncertain times, these systems can act as lifelines. With a mass notification system, instructions can be given directly to staff and students without any message dilution. At Security Instrument, we have mass notification systems to support campuses of all types and sizes. We will be happy to provide our recommendations. 

It’s a new school year and a new era for campus security. To discuss your school’s options for any of the technologies mentioned here, call Security Instrument today. 

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