Are Mobile Credentials Right for Your Campus?

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College campuses have been some of the most ardent champions of access control. In 2024, most campuses have electronic access control installed in at least some of their buildings, including assembly halls, gyms, classrooms — and of course, dormitories and other student residence areas. While many industries are just now adopting electronic access control, campuses have been using physical access credentials like proximity cards, magnetic stripe cards, and smart cards for decades. 

Now, educational campuses have the opportunity to be leaders in access control once again. As the digital transformation continues to expand into all areas of security, physical access credentials are no longer the only option. Mobile credentials are about to become the new security standard in access control, and your campus can be one of the first to embrace them. 

How Mobile Access Credentials Work 

Mobile credentials work on Bluetooth protocol. They use digital keys stored on a mobile device, such as the user’s own smartphone. These digital keys are used to open doors managed by your access control system. 

There’s no need to issue cards to students, which means there’s no need to have a system in place for managing students’ card credentials.

The cards are replaced by digital keys that exist inside the one device every student has on them at all times: their mobile phones. 

High Demand for Mobile Credentials 

In HID Global’s Physical Access Control in Higher Education report, it was revealed that 54% of survey respondents said they would like their access control credential to support multiple applications. In other words, higher education campuses would like an access credential that does more than let students into buildings. They’d also like their credentials to help students accomplish other essential functions around campus, such as:

  • Cafeteria transactions
  • Document printing 
  • Transportation validation 

With mobile credentials, that’s exactly what your campus can offer students. They can also provide important features that help students stay safe on campus, including mass notification and personal emergency response. With mobile credentials activated, students can accomplish more while enjoying a safer presence on campus. 

If your campus is ready for all these benefits, then perhaps it’s ready for a shift to mobile credentials. To learn more about mobile credentials for your campus, call Security Instrument today. We look forward to speaking with you. 

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