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When is the right time for color security cameras vs. black and white? Even though a high-quality black and white security camera system is the best option for a wide variety of businesses, there are some business scenarios in which security cameras with color video may be more appropriate. Take these very real examples.  


If you operate a large scale enterprise, then you may wish to implement color cameras into your security regimen. Perhaps you don’t need color in every zone; employee-only areas like warehouses and work rooms may easily be viewed in black and white (after all, you know what your employees look like). But what about the waiting room, the retail floor, or the outdoor yard? Because those places are open to the public, it may make sense to install one or more color security cameras in those zones of your large-scale enterprise.


This is a consideration for businesses that operate out of shared footprint spaces: a shopping mall, strip mall or even a common office building. When someone suspicious is roaming about the building or one of the businesses have already reported a crime, having a color video feed may be helpful for all the “neighbors” to compare what their cameras caught.

If the video is in color, it can be easier and faster to identify suspects who were seen throughout the building.  


Unfortunately, there has been an uptick in crimes in hotels and resorts in the recent past. Cameras may not stop these tragedies from occurring, but they can certainly be instrumental to law enforcement after the fact – and when the security video is in color, that can make investigators’ jobs even easier. If a perpetrator is wearing red, blue, green, orange gray or brown, knowing that could somehow help law enforcement connect the dots.

Color vs. black and white security cameras: Which one is right for you? Before purchasing or upgrading a video surveillance system, take some time to consider whether your application could benefit from color cameras as part of the package.


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