Protecting Your Investment: Why Regular Fire Alarm Maintenance Makes Sense

Fire Security Systems and Maintenance Importance
Bob Gamble
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“Plug and play” may be a popular catchphrase for salespeople, but when it comes to a fire and life safety system, it is never a good idea to walk away from a system permanently. A fire alarm system needs regular maintenance in order for this critical investment to be protected. Here are some reasons why regular fire alarm maintenance is important.

Electronics are Temporal

Yes, electronics become outmoded – but we’re not talking about the need for upgrades. This is actually a reference to the slow death of the system, which will surely happen over time. The fact is, electronic components can degrade no matter how well they’re taken care of, thereby compromising the way the system functions. To prolong it for as many years as possible, it’s critical that the system undergoes routine maintenance.

The Air Isn’t Clear

Even the cleanest office space, hallway or lobby can still be subject to dust, dirt and pollutants. The more traffic goes through the area, the greater the risk of contaminants. Dirt and dust can absolutely interfere with smoke detectors, which are a crucial part of the fire alarm and life safety system in a building. But with regular inspection, a cleaning will take place that wipes away pesky pollutants.

People Can Tamper with It  

Fire alarm systems are delicate; they need proper handling in order to operate the way they were designed. That’s why it’s important to make sure the person performing the maintenance is from your licensed security integrator. There are important professional certifications that your integrator has; these enable the company to properly handle an intricate commercial system. Additionally, your integrator should be contacted to deploy to your location as quickly as possible after a break-in or a vandalism episode to check out the system and make sure it hasn’t been compromised.

These are some common sense reasons that every fire alarm system needs regular maintenance and upkeep. To speak with a security integrator that can provide competent fire alarm maintenance in Delaware, contact Security Instrument.

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