How Soon to Invest in Home Security After Moving

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Once the weather starts to warm up, the annual “moving season” is underway. If you’re among the thousands of Americans who will be moving this spring, you may wonder how soon to have a home security system installed. To inform your decision, here are some things to consider.

Home security can deliver peace of mind.

No matter how much you love the home you’re moving into, there’s bound to be a period of time before everyone feels accustomed to their new surroundings– especially when they’re tucked into their beds at night. To deliver peace of mind to everyone in the family, your home security system can be armed before bed time, disarmed when the sun rises and armed again when everyone leaves or the day – all from an app on Mom and Dad’s smartphones. When you have a security system installed in your new house starting on move-in day, it can give everyone the comfort they need to feel at home much more quickly.

Home security can monitor and manage guests. 

In those early days after the move-in, licensed contractors and moving professionals will be in and out of the house and family and friends will be dropping by.

No matter who your guests are, you want to monitor everyone who enters and exits the home – and you don’t want to do it by worrying about who’s going to be there to let them in, or whose job it will be to make sure nothing is being in taken as they leave.

A smart home security system can do all of that for you, with smart locks that you turn off and on with your smartphone app to let people in and out – and if you choose to include smart cameras, they can be checked when people are leaving to make sure nothing was stolen. Better still, a video doorbell can help you verify who a person is the second the arrive at your door.

Home security can save you money on utilities.

Anyone who has ever turned on utilities after moving knows what an unwelcome expense it can be. Paying a deposit for each of those services can add up to hundreds of dollars, and many new homeowners start looking for ways to save on the monthly bills to come. One solution may be your home security system, when it includes a smart thermostat that can adjust the home’s heating or cooling from your smartphone app. Using this feature can help a homeowner save on utilities month after month.

So, how soon should you invest in home security after moving? If these things are important to you, then the answer is as soon as possible. To learn more, contact Security Instrument for a free home security consultation.

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