How Young Professionals Can Start Out the Safe Way

Bob Gamble
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Early summer is the most popular time of year for weddings, and that means many young professionals will be making plans for their new lives together. Since this demographic is buying homes at a younger age than they have in decades, it makes sense that more young professionals starting out are looking at home security systems. They want to start life out the safe way, and they know that electronic security is the best way to do it.

Better still, young professionals are attracted to the idea of automating their homes with smart home technology. When they find out that home security equipment can do “double duty” by providing automation and protection, they’re hooked.

What Smart Home Security Offers Young Professionals

With smart home security, young professionals can:  

  • Be aware of home intrusion threats controlling their alarms and cameras from a smartphone app
  • Benefit from motion detection, glass break detection and responsive video monitoring – all of it interconnected
  • Pay lower utility bills and feel good about energy consumption because of smart thermostat connection
  • Entertain with class by giving invited guests a temporary security code they can come and go with, and deactivate it when the visit is over
  • Lock and unlock doors and windows from work, vacation or the road, just by pulling out their phones and tapping on the app

This isn’t their parents’ home security.

For couples who are ready to take another giant leap toward adulthood, a smart home security system just makes sense. To learn more, contact Security Instrument. We are happy to provide young professionals with a free home security evaluation.

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