Upgrading to a Smart Home with Your Tax Refund

Bob Gamble
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In 2017, the average American tax refund was $2,763 – and in 2018, it’s expected to be slightly higher. No wonder April has long been regarded as the beginning of the home improvement season; after all, many cosmetic home improvement projects fall within the $2,000 to $3,000 budget. But guess what else falls in between that cost range? The cost of a home burglary.

It’s true – many property crime statistics pinpoint the average dollar value loss of a burglary at $2,300. Taking that into consideration, it could make sense for many homeowners to use their tax refund for something other than cosmetic home improvements. If you’re one of those homeowners, we suggest that a smart home system may be just the home improvement you’re looking for.

Investing Your Tax Refund Back into Your Home

Remember, a smart home system does more than improve your home’s security. It can incorporate many kinds of smart devices, all of which you control with a smartphone app:

· Smart thermostats for energy efficiency and a comfortable home

· Connected video cameras for optimized home security, smart locks for keyless entry

· A video doorbell alarm that allows you to see who’s there and talk to them through the speaker

· Garage door openers for gliding in at night

· Lighting that comes on when you want it to with the tap of an app

Of course, all of these features are part of a bigger home security picture. Your home security provider installs them, but you control them.

Still thinking about new countertops?

A smart home system may not be as pretty as a new slab or marble or granite, but it can certainly accomplish a lot more. If you’re considering what home improvement deserves your tax refund this year, that’s our vote. To find out more about smart home systems and upgrading to a smart home in Delaware using your tax refund, contact Security Instrument to request a complimentary home security assessment.

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