Integrating Your Virtual Assistant with Smart Home Security

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There are so many great things smart home technology can do to keep you connected to your security system when you’re not at home. But did you know that it can be every bit as valuable to you when you’re actually at home? This is especially the case if you have a virtual assistant device, like an Alexa, Google Home or Amazon Echo system. These devices are incredibly intuitive, and so is your smart home security system. When the two are combined, they create a powerful home control environment for your family’s benefit.

Here are some things this integration offers you.

Effortless Alarm Control

Before you had a smart home security system, you had to use your alarm keypad to arm and disarm it. When you upgraded to a wireless smart home system, you started using a convenient mobile app on your phone instead. Now, integrating your system with your Alexa, Google Home or Echo makes it even easier. You’ll be able to control the alarm simply by giving your device voice commands. “Hey Alexa, arm the security system.” Done!

Keyless, Hands-Free Locking

If you have smart locks on your doors, you already know how convenient keyless entry is. Most homeowners never go back; they love the simplicity of pulling into the driveway and unlocking the door with their phone. What could be better than that? Bypassing he act of pulling out your phone altogether.

When you integrate your virtual assistant with your smart home security system, you’ll be able to enter the house, voice command your lights to come on (if you have elected to connect lighting to your system), and then close the doors by talking to your device. “Hey Alexa, close the garage door.” Your smart home system already made things easy; your virtual assistant device makes it even easier.

Quick Climate Comfort

Cold in bed in the winter and hot in bed in the summer? Don’t want to get up to adjust the thermostat? Here’s what you say: “Hey Alexa, set the temperature to 70 degrees.” You can command it to adjust to any temperature you want, quickly and conveniently. No getting up, and you don’t even need to reach for your phone.

If you have a virtual assistant device and would like to get it connected to your smart home security, Pennsylvania homeowners can call Security Instrument. We will be glad to give you more information.

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