Top Things Security and Automation Customers Forget to Factor into Decisions

Bob Gamble
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As you might imagine, there are many things both business and residential customers fail to factor into their security and automation decisions. After all, we know our own areas of expertise and for many, security technologies are just not on the radar. Just like in any area of business or technology, it is usually what we don’t know that can cause the most problems.

Surprise! It isn’t About Technology

While there is a wealth of information needed to make educated decisions about a security system, much of the information that can help make a decision is available through (copious) product spec research. A professional technician is also a great resource for information that can help lead to wise decisions.

Most Never Think of This

Many security and automation buys are based on one thing—the cost. Usually, customers base a decision on the lowest price for what they believe comparable goods. What they fail to factor in is what those prices mean for them long-term. The price for any goods and service is based on many things and, of course, the cheaper the price the more corners that need to be cut in order for the business to be profitable. In the automation and security industry, there are some critical places that are usually the victim of cuts including the quality of product and service. When you are talking about something as critical as safety, any cut is a cut too many.

The Intrinsic Factor

Sometimes a higher price is just that—a higher price. Other times, a slightly higher upfront cost may mean something else, and something beneficial. Most consumers think of product to product price comparisons. In the security industry, there are other very serious factors that play a role in the cost of a system and services. In addition to the quality of product, there are other things that play a role such as having or not having things like:

  • Multiple locations
  • In-house CAD department
  • Multiple service vehicles
  • Dedicated IT staff
  • Owning and operating its own UL Listed, Mutual Approved Central Station for monitoring
  • Factory trained installation specialists
  • Swift response times
  • Fully accessible support

It Matters More Than We Realize

The service and support surrounding home and business security is just as important as the quality of product and not factoring in service offerings is one of the biggest mistakes security and automation customers make.

Unfortunately, security customers often buy a product without giving consideration to the service. This is a huge problem because unlike many other common products the level of effectiveness, down time, service wait times all seriously impact usefulness, and ultimately the cost of having a security or automation system.

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