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Smart Access Control
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Still using traditional locks and keys to secure your business? If so, you’re missing out on the convenience of unlocking and locking your business remotely, handy automation, and managing users easily. So, read on to learn why you need to trade in traditional old school security solutions for smart access control that provides convenience and security.

Unlock and Lock Doors from Anywhere

With traditional locks and keys, whenever someone locks themselves out of a room or building, a manager needs to respond no matter what day or time. It’s inconvenient and means someone essentially needs to always be on call.

With advanced access control, you can unlock or lock doors from anywhere. Simply use your security cameras to see who’s at the door and unlock the door using the security app.

Manage User Access from Afar

Smart access control allows you to manage users across multiple sites and access points through your security dashboard. Set up lock codes, key fobs, and keycards with multiple levels of access and even revoke access for an employee leaving as long as you have access to the dashboard.

To make things more efficient, you can set up multiple profiles for different user roles so you can assign any new employees to the right profile for quick access.

Enhance Security with Locking Automations

If you can’t be onsite at the end of the day, you can set up automations for your access control system. Set the doors to lock at a certain time every day or once your employees arm the alarm system. You can even set the system to unarm and unlock the doors at the beginning of the day at a specific time.

Choosing a better access control system will change the way you approach security in your business. It can help you save over time by eliminating the need to respond to your business site after hours. Plus, it increases convenience and ease of use.

Contact Security Instrument for information on how integrating a new access control system can help secure your business easily.


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