Smart Business Security: Taking Your Security to the Next Level

Smart Business Security
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Purchasing a new security system for your business might seem out of reach. But thankfully, modern security equipment integrates with your current security system so you can save money while getting the latest in security technology. Here’s what an intelligent business security system can do for you.

Intelligent Security Puts You in Control

To control your legacy security system, you need to be standing in front of it. But a smart security system lets you operate it remotely. You can view live video feeds to see what’s going on or unlock and lock doors no matter where you are as long as you can access your security app.

Now your security system no longer controls you. You’re in control whether you’re at work or on vacation. And if you have more than one business site, you can control them all through your security dashboard and app.

It’s Always Working Even When You Aren’t

Your old security system responds to break-ins, but it doesn’t proactively protect your assets, customers, and employees. However, a smart business security system is always working with sensors and intelligence like no other.

Modern smart security learns the activity patterns of your business, and many can even tell the difference between people, objects, and animals. This intelligence allows it to identify real suspicious activity versus a false alarm making it a more efficient and effective security solution.

Get Smart Security Notifications

Integrating a new video surveillance system allows you to record security events, receive customized alerts, and view live video feeds 24/7, all from the security app on your mobile device. Data gathered from smart access control and video surveillance helps your smart security system understand the difference between various activity that occurs regularly or something suspicious in nature.

So, you can set the system to send you notifications whenever someone opens and closes but not each time a customer enters your business. You can even install security cameras with night vision so they can see better after dark.

As you can see, buying intelligent security solutions is a smart move on your part. For more information on integrating new smart security products in your business, contact Security Instrument.


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