How Smart Security Alerts Help You Run Your Home Efficiently in September

How Smart Security Alerts Help You Run Your Home Efficiently in September
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Now that school’s back in, you have to adjust to a fall schedule. The lazy summer days are gone, and sometimes it’s hard to get back into the swing of things. A smart home security system can help manage the house with customized security alerts.

Alerts for User Codes

Many children return home from school before their parents leave work. Sometimes the kids forget to let you know that they got home safe. Your security system can remedy that. Assign each family member a different access code and create an alert that notifies you when the kids come home. Now you’ll know they made it home safe.

An additional benefit is that there’s no need to hide a spare key outside. The kids have a safer way to enter the house, and you never have to worry about anyone losing a house key.

The Security System Sends You Reminders

It’s easy to forget the simplest things when your routine changes. Rely on your security system to send you reminders for the important things you forget, such as locking a door or arming the alarm.

The system notifies you on your smartphone no matter where you are. There’s no need to go home to correct the problem. Set the alarm or shut the garage using the alert on your phone. Tap the button once and the security system secures the house for you.

Always Know What’s Happening at Home with Smart Video Clips

When the kids are home alone, are they letting unapproved visitors in the house? You can check yourself using intelligent video surveillance. Use the cameras in your house to send you video clips when a certain action such as your child’s user code triggers them. Setting a specific trigger prevents your from being inundated with clips you don’t want to monitor.

Open Door Alerts

Contact sensors work with your security system to alert you when a door or window is open too long. You’ll receive a notification that a door wasn’t shut securely, and you can text the kids to let them know to shut it properly. In the meantime, the alarm system tells your thermostat to set back to save on energy in cold weather. It resets to a comfortable temperature once someone shuts the door.

Your alarm system doesn’t just keep you safe; it plays a vital role in keeping the systems in your home efficient. You’ll ease back into the school routine with a smart security system to back you up.

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