Saving on Utilities this Summer with your Security System

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It’s no secret that the costs of homeownership can add up. But because some costs can be managed better than others, homeowners may be able to control how much they pay for some essential services. Take utilities, for example. Unlike your mortgage payment and property taxes, you can exercise some control over how much you pay for heating, cooling and lighting in the home. It all comes down to saving energy.

Easier said than done, right? Not necessarily. Using your home security system and your smartphone, you may be able to save enough energy every month to pay less for the services that heat and cool your home. Best of all, you can start saving on utilities in Delaware Valley this very summer.

Saving on Utilities Doesn’t Have to Be Hard 

What’s the technology?

It’s a smart home system that integrates with the home security system. Homeowners who upgrade their traditional alarm systems to smart home security technology can also have smart thermostats integrated; these intelligent thermostat devices help them reduce the energy they use, which can save them money in the very first month.

A smart thermostat uses contact sensors that instinctively respond to movement in the home. Because it learns your household patterns, it knows when to adjust to a comfortable temperature – and, when to keep the temperature as it is. It also features location-based automation that knows what to do based on where you are. If you’re on your way home, the air conditioning can come on minutes before your arrival so you arrive to a comfortable home. If you have just left, it knows it’s time to shut the air off so you keep your utility bills manageable. And if you want to change anything, it’s easy to do with a tap of your smartphone.

Other Ways to Save 

With a smart home security system, saving on utilities in Delaware Valley happens throughout the year. This summer, you can experiment with a programming option that turns the air conditioning on when temperatures hit 95 degrees or higher. Another easy way to save is to program the thermostat to stay inactive when the security system is armed. You also have the ability to produce a “scene” in the system that performs all money-saving functions at the same time: adjusting the thermostat, turning off the lights and even drawing down the window shades. If all these essential household functions are connected to your system, it’s easy to stay in control.

To learn more about saving on utilities this summer with your security system, Security Instrument invites you to request a free home security assessment.

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