Improving Environmental Awareness with Access and Video Integration, Part 2

Bob Gamble
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In part one, we addressed ways that integrating access control and video surveillance can assist with intruder verification. There are additional ways it can be useful, though. Consider this scenario: When he arrives for work in the morning, the facility manager of an industrial facility is reviewing the security logs from the previous night. In the access control log, he notices that someone attempted to enter a secure area of the building overnight. The alarm/event time is timestamped for a time no unauthorized employee should be onsite.

An Employee Onsite During Off-Hours

Because he is able to see which access card was used to attempt entry, the manager believes it was a current employee of the organization. Now, he can go to the video surveillance footage and confirm the person’s identity. Because the two systems are integrated, he can do this with the click of a button.

Why does he need to confirm the person’s identity? Unless the company wants to put itself at risk of legal trouble, the employee in question should not be fired on a hunch or a suspicion; the company needs to know unquestionably what person tried to enter the secure area during the night, and video surveillance can provide that. If the systems were not integrated, it would be very difficult for the manager to piece together the bits of information available to solve this puzzle. But because they are integrated, he can solve it in minutes and take decisive action.

What Access Control and Video Integration Does

Integrating video surveillance and access control gives managers an overview of accurately layered information. Because the access control information is layered over the video footage, the manager can identify the:

  • Date and time of the access card read
  • Name of the access card holder
  • Unique ID number or badge number
  • Name of the door or reader being accessed
  • Access granted / denied condition

It’s everything a manager needs to stay informed about security events on the property. To learn more about improving environmental awareness with access and video integration, contact Security Instrument for a free security analysis of your commercial property.

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