A More Secure Business this Spring

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From shopping malls and dollar stores to dining establishments and dealerships, businesses are in need of better security to protect themselves from losses. Here are some of the risks to protect your business from with better business security.   

Cash Register Skimming 

Coming up short can happen, but it can happen less often when powerful surveillance cameras are positioned over the sales counter. By having the right cameras installed in the right places, you can protect your point of sale areas from theft — especially internal theft, which is a growing problem for businesses where employees are handling cash and managing transactions. When workers know that they’re being watched by a camera that captures all their activity clearly, they are less likely to act on an impulse to pocket your cash. 

Smash-and-Grab Schemes

Smash-and-grab robberies are rarely acts of impulsion. They are getting more organized, with more participants and more planning than ever before. Businesses of all types are being targeted; if criminals know you have cash onsite, this crime can happen to you. The trick to beating smash-and-grab robbers at their own game is outsmarting them with technology that’s more powerful than they are. Audible sirens, clear cameras and glass break detection can be the key to keeping these criminals from succeeding. 

Valuable Inventory Theft 

If your retail enterprise or automobile dealership is not equipped with an access control system, it’s far more vulnerable to theft of your valuable inventory. An access control system can activate your alarm and cameras when protected areas are breached; it can also provide insightful analytics like how many visitors are on your showroom floor on any given day or time of day.

There is ample information that can be gathered from an access control report; ask us for information on how it can help you protect your inventory.  

To inquire about boosting your business security this spring to protect against losses, call Security Instrument. We look forward to assisting you. 

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