Achieving Guest Hospitality without Compromising Hotel Security

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The hospitality industry has its hands full when it comes to security. Here are just a few of the challenges the average hotel property must address:

  • Achieving perfect symmetry between creating an inviting atmosphere for guests while simultaneously implementing access control procedures
  • Analyzing camera footage for potential security threats 24/7
  • Securing valuable assets on a property that caters to hundreds, if not thousands of transient guests every day of the year

How can a hospitality establishment maintain its welcoming environment and culture of customer service, while also ensuring everyone on the premises remains secure? It’s a delicate balancing act, but it can be achieved. Here are some tips for making it happen.

Upgrade Access Control

Any establishment that continues to use actual room keys is behind the game on security. When access control cards are issued to every guest, it’s easier for management to keep track of guest room entry – but it’s also a valuable way to control access to guest-only areas, including the fitness center, pool and other locked areas that only guests may use. For higher end establishments, access control can be categorized so that only a certain class of guests may enter members-only and VIP areas. If your establishment is still relying on keys, it’s time to upgrade.

Upgrade the Upgrade

Of course, even access control cards can come with some pitfalls, such as cards being misplaced by guests or deactivated by employees unnecessarily. If a hotel has graduated from the initial convenience of key cards and is looking for a next-generation access control solution, one avenue to consider is a system that syncs access with the guests’ smartphones. This is an up-and-coming solution being adopted by some of the nation’s most prestigious hospitality establishments, and managers are finding that it offers a fluid, more rewarding guest experience.

Reevaluate Video Surveillance

Every hotel needs video surveillance, but implementing it is just the first step. After a period of time, managers may find that the security video is missing the mark. While the front desk, entry points, and lobby are all great places to start, they are not the end game of hotel video surveillance. Consider reevaluating the establishment’s security camera layout; if there are not sufficient cameras watching over guest hallways, retail areas, service corridors and dining rooms, then it may be time to add those to the network. To minimize the need for 24/7 monitoring onsite, consider embracing intelligent video analytics solutions that can identify suspicious events and significant patterns as they occur. Ask your security integrator to recommend a solution that can be scaled to the footprint of your establishment.

The more secure hotel guests feel, the more likely they will be to reward an establishment with repeat business and recommendations. To improve hotel security while still maintaining a hospitable atmosphere, contact Security Instrument. We will be glad to provide an onsite security evaluation of the property.

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