How Commercial Security Design Comes into Play

Bob Gamble
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There’s no deployment without design when it comes to commercial security. Wilmington business owners, here are some security system design considerations to make before contacting an integrator.

Partner Communication

Your security integrator should listen first, design second. If the vendor has a “one-size-fits-all” template for system design and refuses to listen to your needs as an organization, that’s a red flag. Partner communication is key when designing a commercial security system.

Equipment Readiness

Still, they should also have equipment at the ready so that installation can happen on schedule. If parts need to be ordered and too many workarounds are required, that’s an indicator of potential problems surfacing down the road. Make sure your integrator has equipment on hand to meet your needs before committing to an order.

Certification and Compliance

For organizations that are regulated and shouldered with compliance requirements, it’s critical that the security integrator is able and willing to help. Make sure the vendor is ready to uphold to your organization’s policies and procedures, and that they have been certified by equipment manufacturers so that deployment is as seamless as possible.

After design, other considerations to make when choosing a commercial security integrator include:

  • Project management experience
  • Web-based project management software
  • Simplicity of wiring
  • Project commissioning
  • Final termination policies

To speak with a commercial security integrator that designs expertly and deploys seamlessly, contact Security Instrument to request a consultation for commercial security. Wilmington, MD, NJ and PA organizations can reach us at (888) 326-8936.

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Security Instrument is a full-service, independently-owned security integrator that offers numerous electronic security options. We serve thousands with residential and commercial security in Delaware, MD, NJ & PA.

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