Using IP Video Surveillance to Defeat Intruders

Bob Gamble
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Delaware is no stranger to smash and grab burglaries. Two years have not passed since two Philadelphia, PA men were sentenced to 20 years in prison for committing a string of them, including one crime that involved stealing a $2 million ruby sculpture from a Wilmington jeweler. Furthermore, smash and grab burglaries don’t only happen to high-end businesses; they happen to retail establishments of all kinds. With that in mind, what can you do to reduce the risk of a smash and grab burglary happening at your business? We recommend tapping into the power of IP video surveillance.

What IP Video Surveillance Is

Internet Protocol (IP) video surveillance is powered by the web, which enables the video to be accessed from virtually anywhere with a wifi connection. IP video is no longer the “next big thing” in video surveillance; it is now the normal thing, and eventually, it will be the only thing. An IP video surveillance system goes beyond the last generation of video storage (DVR) in terms of economic feasibility, image quality, and security system integration. Much like your smartphone streamlined your communication and time management, an IP camera system can streamline your business security protocols.

What IP Video Surveillance Does 

IP technology makes it easier for businesses to copy, share and transmit video, which is great for businesses with multiple locations – or, businesses where the ownership is offsite much of the time.

If a burglary occurs, a business owner can view the video from anywhere – and if criminals are “smart,” they may see the advanced camera systems in full view and may be deterred from acting in the first place. To that end, IP video is a powerful tool for businesses that are serious about loss prevention.

IP Video Surveillance is Flexible

IP camera systems offer greater flexibility than the legacy systems in many established businesses. For example, a business on a tight budget may opt to replace only the most obsolete equipment with IP cameras, and only at key zones throughout the property. Incorporating IP video surveillance into your building’s security agenda, even incrementally as budget allows, can be a good way to minimize the risk of smash and grab burglary. For more information, contact Security Instrument.

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