The Dynamic Duo: Dogs & The Home Alarm System

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Burglar alarms are designed to help protect every member of your family, and that includes the four-legged members. That’s right, we’re talking about your pets; here are some ways you can integrate your burglar alarm and other home security tools with your beloved family dog.  

Use Smart Locks for Dog Walking

Homeowners have many demands on their time, and sometimes that means important tasks fall by the wayside – one of them being the task of a daily dog walk. Maybe you’ve decided to hire a neighbor to walk your dog while you’re at work, or even try out a dog walking app. No matter who you hire, you need a safe way to let them in the house that only takes seconds – something you can do with your phone without leaving the office. That’s where the smart locks on your home security system come in.

When you get the alert that your dog walker is at the door, simply tap on the app to unlock the door so they can enter the house and greet your pet. When the two of them walk out, you can lock the door again until they return. Unlock it again for the walker to send your doggie back into the house, and then get back to work. You’re done!

Setting Boundaries around the Home

Your pet keeps watch over the yard and home, and so do your home security cameras. Working together, they can set a clear barrier around the home. And if a break-in ever does take place, your dog can go into a defensive posture while your burglar alarm sounds.  Very quickly, help will be on its way. This is a great way to allow your pet to partner with your alarm, so there will be multiple layers of home security.

For more ideas on combining your pet with your burglar alarm, Delaware homeowners can learn more by calling Security Instrument. We would love to speak with you.

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