Making House Guests and Home Security Go Hand-in-Hand

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Still hosting a few overnight visitors after the holidays are over? You want to create a friendly, welcoming environment for them to enjoy, but it doesn’t mean you have to compromise on home security while they’re staying. The good news is, you can have the best of both; here’s how to make your house guests part of your home security routine.  

Show them how the cameras work.

Home security cameras are fully mainstreamed – and yet, some house guests remain uneasy about the idea of surveillance. If your visitors appear to be nervous about the presence of cameras around your home, consider showing them how it all works.

Start with the settings on your home security app. When your guests see how the Geo-Services technology works – namely, that you can use it to prevent the cameras from recording indoor activity when people are home – your guests will surely be put at ease.

Give them a cozier guest room.

A winter wonderland is a beautiful sight, but most of us prefer to be warm inside. That’s what makes the temperature sensor a great accessory to a smart home security system. If the guest bedroom tends to be cold, then the temperature sensor can raise the temperature by communicating with the smart thermostat. The two devices work together to make the temperature throughout the home consistently warm. It’s an ideal way to make your guest room comfier and give your guests a more enjoyable stay.

Provide them a keyless entry code.

If your system includes smart locks, consider allowing your guests to use the keyless entry just like the rest of the household. You can give them their own unique code; the only difference is that theirs can be deactivated when their stay is over. It’s a big convenience for you and for them. But if you aren’t comfortable with giving guests a code, there’s an alternative: Using your smartphone app, unlock the door remotely when you receive the video alert clip during their arrival. Both of these options allow you to continue making use of your home security when company is staying over.

If your home security system lacks any of these components, let us help. Contact Security Instrument to request a free home security consultation; we would be glad to show you what’s possible.

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