Why Does Your Home Security System Need Glass Break Sensors?

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Yes! We highly recommend glass break detection. While motion detectors may be enough to stop an intruder in his tracks, consider this: If the intruder decides that breaking the glass on a door or window is his ticket to entry, the glass break detectors will most likely be the only thing stopping him from going any further.

But why would an intruder break the glass?

Why would a burglar or other criminal break the glass on a door? He may do it in order to reach in and unlock the doorknob. And then, there’s that longtime favorite entry point of trespassers: the sliding glass door, especially if it’s located in the year of the house facing the backyard. If a burglar or other intruder decides to use either of these entry methods, then having glass break detectors in your system is critical.

How do glass break detectors work?

Glass break detectors are sensors that monitor for the sound and vibrations of breaking glass. Effective glass break detection is tamper-proof and features dual shatter recognition technology, meaning it picks up on both high and low frequencies. Because this advanced signal processing will pick up on both the initial blow to the glass and the sound of the subsequent shattering, this greatly reduces the risk of false alarms. If your system has older glass break detection, this superior technology may be just one reason to consider an upgrade.

These things considered, glass break detectors are critical to home security. Delaware homeowners who are interested in glass break detection and other home security technology, call Security Instrument for more information.

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