Security Solutions for Critical Infrastructure

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Infrastructure is on everyone’s mind these days as federal government funding is being directed at critical infrastructure, from transportation to utility and energy services. As investments are made in these sectors over the next few years, they will be enhanced to better serve the public. Concurrent with this growth, they will be in need of expanded security support so that the people who are served by them are protected. At Security Instrument, we have these modern, user-friendly security solutions to safeguard your critical infrastructure assets.    


Video Surveillance and Verification 

Critical infrastructure sites are just as vulnerable to crime as other commercial establishments. With monitored video surveillance, we can identify threats and video verify them so that law enforcement will give emergencies high priority. With the high rates of crime in public transportation, our low-cost video monitoring solution is a vital security investment.

We make video verification available at a low start-up cost, and the service is scalable so that cameras can be added as you add on new vehicles or site assets. 

Environmental Monitoring and Alerts 

Environmental monitoring is a service that utility providers can’t afford to be without. With our intelligent environmental monitoring service, we closely monitor your delivery processes, including:

  • Water flow
  • Water pressure
  • Electrical power 

You’ll get an alert if something is amiss on any of these processes, including stoppage, flooding or power outage. Generators can be monitored onsite or remotely. 

Access Control and Business Intelligence 

Critical infrastructure sites are filled with restricted areas in need of impenetrable protection. Electronic access control can provide that, with credentials you control easily from any device with an internet connection. Add and delete users as necessary, assign different levels of permission to different users, and program in times that access can be granted and denied. In addition to keeping restricted areas secure, access control can also provide valuable business intelligence that helps to inform the most important decisions. 

Running a critical infrastructure site is a colossal responsibility, but we have security solutions that can help. To discuss security services for a utilities or infrastructure site, contact Security Instrument today.   

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By following these important steps from design to deployment, we can improve your likelihood of long-term project success and lower total cost of ownership. To benefit from our technical expertise when you need a new commercial security system, contact Security Instrument and request a security assessment.