Where Video Surveillance is Going in 2022

Bob Gamble
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With each new year, there are new offerings in security technology — and in 2022, video surveillance has some of the most exciting developments coming down the pike. Here are the trends we can expect to see in security cameras over the next year. 

New Analytics  

The new world we’re living in calls for new video analytics, and the industry is responding to that. In 2022, we’ll see video surveillance deliver new analytics that help users determine these timely statuses and events:

  • Erratic behavior on site.
  • Face mask usage. 
  • High body temperatures. 
  • Moisture and flooding. 
  • Smash and grab burglary. 

When you’re alerted to any of these conditions on your business property, you can make proactive decisions at the right time. 

New Artificial Intelligence

AI works best when it supports human intelligence and substitutes manual work. In 2022, that’s what the AI in new video surveillance systems will be able to do; from healthcare to education, the institutional sectors we all rely on will greatly benefit. People on these campuses can feel safer, because they will be. Meanwhile, property administrators can receive alerts for everything from prohibited behaviors like smoking on campus to illegal activity. There’s no end to what truly intelligent AI can do for video surveillance. 

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This is just the tip of the iceberg. As the next year of video surveillance rolls out, you’ll see more and more benefits for businesses like yours. To discuss installation, integration and monitoring for video surveillance on your property, contact Security Instrument in the new year. 

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