Preventing Homeless Intrusion on Your Property

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The homelessness crisis across the nation has greatly impacted the areas we service, including Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Maryland. Because homelessness has become such an issue throughout the region, local agencies are now partnering with private institutions in an effort to combat the problem. For example, the Delaware State Housing Authority (DSHA) and the Federal Home Loan Bank of Pittsburgh (FHLBank Pittsburgh) recently announced a $1.075 million investment in grants for homelessness reduction programs. 

Combating Loitering and Overnight Intrusion 

The programs receiving the grants include many reputable organizations, and we hope they will make an impact. In the meantime, businesses throughout Delaware are being hurt by homeless intrusion, as the presence of homeless individuals and groups hinder foot traffic from paying customers. Security Instrument can help, with reliable security solutions to help discourage the homeless population from loitering, sleeping and intruding on their properties. 

Video Solutions Designed to Help

If you haven’t yet invested in a cloud video or locally hosted NVR solution for video surveillance, now is the time. We can recommend a system that makes sense for your specific business property, whether you’re a small storefront on a quaint street or an office building in an industrial complex. 

As your cameras capture unwanted activity on the premises, the trained security agents at our UL listed central station located in Wilmington, Delaware can monitor your video and dispatch authorities. From there, you’ll be able to work with your local law enforcement to prevent the homeless from returning. This is ideal for monitoring your location overnight, when homeless intrusion tends to be more concentrated.

Low light cameras can be installed so that even the darkest corners of your property receive the attention they need. 

Contact Security Instrument to Learn More 

As our local institutions work to combat the homelessness crisis, Security Instrument can partner with businesses throughout the Tri-State area to prevent and reduce property intrusion. Learn more about our monitored video surveillance solutions for Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Maryland by calling Security Instrument today. 

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