The Smart Way to Use Your Tax Refund

Bob Gamble
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Since the average American tax refund has been in the $3,000 range for the past several years, it’s no wonder that April marks the annual kickoff of home improvement and homebuying season. If you’re planning to move, there’s a lot you can upgrade on your new home with $3,000. If you’re improving the home you already live in with that money, you can probably do even more.

But before you call that kitchen cabinet contractor your neighbor told you about, we have something you may want to consider: The average dollar value loss of a burglary also in the same price range. Forbes reports that the average burglary costs a homeowner between $2,000-$3,000. With that in mind, maybe a non-cosmetic home improvement is a smarter way to invest this year’s tax refund. Specifically, an improvement to your home security system.

What kind of improvement?

A smart home security system upgrade, to be exact. This isn’t just about getting a better security system; it’s about a legitimate investment that adds value to your home and simplifies your life. In addition to arming and disarming the alarm from the convenience of your mobile device, here’s what else a smart home security system helps you do from the convenience of your smartphone:

  • View your monitored home security video cameras
  • Show you who’s at the door with a video doorbell alarm
  • Open and close the garage door at your command
  • Turn on the lights inside the house
  • Control your indoor temperature with a smart thermostat

There’s nothing wrong with cosmetic home improvements – but a smart home upgrade adds real value to your life and your home.

At Home or Away

When you’re away from home, a smart home system can be a lifeline. It gives you an easy, secure way to:

  • Let service people in the house while you’re at work
  • Let baby sitters, house sitters or pet sitters in without giving them an alarm code
  • Lock the door when you leave (or unlock it when you’re almost home)
  • Send you a text alert if there’s flooding, freezing or carbon monoxide in the house

That kitchen cabinet makeover will look great – but it can’t do any of these things.

As you can see, one of the smartest ways to use your tax refund is with an improvement to your home security. Delaware homeowners, find out more about a smart home upgrade by contacting Security Instrument. We would love to speak with you.

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