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Bob Gamble

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Bob Gamble
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Today’s homeowners have busy schedules: work, kids…and somewhere in there, relaxing. No wonder families are looking to devices like Alexa, Google Home and Amazon Echo to help them manage all of it. Fortunately, your security system can play a role too. If you’ve chosen to integrate smart home technology, then the built-in features on your home security app can help out with your household management. Those features Schedules and Scenes. Let’s look at what they can do.

Run Your Smart Home with Schedules

Open up your app, and find the Schedules feature. Decide what you want it to do for you, and it will use your past security data to make it happen. Want the cameras to start rolling only in certain situations? Your Schedules feature can do that. Don’t want the camera to record the kids running outside to play? Schedules is the place in the app to program that. You can even adjust your smart thermostat ahead of time using Schedules, which can help homeowners save money on utilities.

Run Your Smart Home with Scenes

There’s another feature on your home security app that can help you run home more simply. It’s called Scenes, and it lets you manage your whole network of smart home devices with one-tap commands on the app.

You can even adjust your smart thermostat ahead of time using Schedules, which can help homeowners save money on utilities.


How does it work? There are four pre-set scenes that are already programmed in your app: Home, Away, Sleep and Wake Up. Although each scene already features certain commands, you can add or delete commands as you see fit. Any of your scenes can have commands added or deleted to control when lights, locks, thermostat and alarm do what you want them to do. You can even create your own custom scenes, which is another great way to get more control over your home. And your Alexa, Google Home or Echo devices are connectable.

Schedules and Scenes offer you even more control over your home via smart home security. Willington homeowners who want to learn more, please call Security Instrument. We would be happy to answer your questions.

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