Home Security: Why are Wireless Keypads Better

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Do wireless keypads really offer a big advantage in home security? Yes! For those who are still attached to an outdated, hardwired home security system, here are the reasons you should consider upgrading to wireless from the keypad up.

The installation is less aggressive.

Older home security systems required everything to be hardwired to the home’s infrastructure. This was an aggressive installation, with the unavoidable hazards of drilling and electrical work included (and, the added labor made for a more costly installation appointment to boot). But with a wireless home security installation, everything from the keypad to the sensors are less invasive on the home and more affordable for the homeowner.   

The technology is more reliable.

The technology required to support an older home security system isn’t just outdated; it’s also unreliable. What happens if the landline phone service is interrupted, or a home invader cuts the cord? The system is immediately rendered ineffective. The same goes for a power outage; no power, no home security.

But with a wireless keypad and wireless home security, these unfortunate events don’t disturb the system. Wireless security detaches your system from the technology of yesterday, and your family will be better off because of it.

The problems are easier to solve.

No system is perfect, and even wireless home security has the occasional need for maintenance or repair. The good news is, wireless technology allows most problems to be solved remotely rather than with an expensive service call. If your wireless system is experiencing problems, we may be able to troubleshoot and repair the issue without a visit to your home.

Wireless home security is more than convenience; it’s money-saving, home-preserving technology that just makes sense. To learn more about wireless keypads for home security, Wilmington homeowners can callSecurity Instrument. We will be glad to give you more information.

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