Home Security: The Indispensable Elements That Make Your Life Better

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It’s no secret that choosing a security system can be overwhelming. With so many configuration options, how do you know what the indispensable elements are? Rest assured, we have you covered. The indispensable elements of a security system are:

Motion Detectors

Motion detectors are used to detect the opening of doors, windows and other vulnerable entry points on your property. When the detectors sense motion around them and the system is armed, they send an emergency signal to the central station so the alarm will activate and the security operators will respond.

In addition to making sure all doors and windows are protected by motion detectors, some homeowners decide to add extra detectors for their drawers, safes, sheds and other areas they want to make less vulnerable. This can be a good strategy, particularly if you have a large property. 

Professional Alarm Monitoring

Professional alarm monitoring is the inarguable, number one essential of home security. Without the monitoring service, there’s nowhere for the motion detectors to send a signal to; the only thing your system will do is sound an audible alarm. If you want help to be sent to your home, then monitoring is crucial. When they receive the signal, the trained security operators at the monitoring center will respond and send help right away.

Cellular Connectivity

The home security system of your childhood was hardwired into the infrastructure of the home, including the landline phone. Now that you’re a homeowner and no longer own a landline, you need a home security system with cellular connectivity. This ensures a few things: first, that the connection can’t be cut with scissors or other burglary tools. Second, it has a battery backup so it will still work if there’s a power outage; that system you grew up with didn’t work if power lines went down. And third, it can be installed wirelessly and easily.

These are the indispensable elements of today’s home security systems. To discuss your specific needs for home security, Milton homeowners can request a free home security consultation from Security Instrument.

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