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If you’re hiring temporary workers for the summer, maybe you need a way to monitor their activity without sacrificing your own vacation plans. If that’s the case, Security Instrument has the solution: an electronic access control system, which gives employers like you a way to oversee summer staff from anywhere. If you opt to have access control installed at your Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey or Maryland business, here’s what you can look forward to this summer. 

Saying Goodbye to Keys

Which temporary employee will lose their keys this summer? With an access control system, the answer can be, “None of them.” That’s because your days of distributing physical keys to the staff can be over when you replace traditional locks with electronic access control. Instead, you’ll issue each new employee an activated credential that they swipe at the door for entry. As the employer, you’ll be able to add and delete employees as users every time someone is hired or fired. Your lost key concerns are now over. 

Preventing Afterhours Entry 

One of the biggest risks of hiring temporary workers for the summer is the possibility of them entering afterhours, either by themselves or with accomplices, to breach your security and steal your products. With an access control system, this risk can be eliminated. That’s because the employer can restrict the times of day each employee is granted entry.

If an employee swipes their credential at the door afterhours, the door can remain locked because you have set their entry times for business hours only. 

Giving One-Time or Emergency Entry 

But what if you’re on vacation, and there’s an emergency that necessitates letting one of the employees in? That’s easy: Simply go into your account and give them access on demand. Your access control system has provisions in place for all kinds of scenarios, one-time and emergency entry included. The areas of the building they have access to can also be controlled by you — so if your office door is protected by access control, that area can remain off-limits to staff. Giving employees access is not an all-or-nothing proposition; you control which areas they can enter, and when.  

Getting Entry and Exit Reports 

An access control system can give you a reliable record of every entry and exit at your building. This is an excellent way to manage summer staff, as you can see who opened or closed the business on any given day. It can also be a great way to see how many trips outside your staff members made for lunches, smoke breaks and other exits. As the employer, you’ll be able to get these reports on demand while logged into your account. 

If you’re hiring summer staff, you can manage them more efficiently with an access control system. To inquire about having one installed at your Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey or Maryland business, call Security Instrument this summer. 

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