Creating a Security Plan Your Organization Can Live With

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A good business security plan may start with having electronic security systems installed, but installation is only the first step. The fact is, a dependable security plan takes time and effort to create. The time to do it is not when it needs to be executed during or after an emergency; the time to do it is now. Here are some guidelines for implementing a business security plan your organization can live with, no matter its size or budget.

Identify Security Threats

What are the chief security threats to your organization? Identifying those is critical. These don’t just include external threats like robbery, intrusion or vandalism; they also include internal threat like employee theft (and don’t forget, employees can steal more than inventory). Then, there’s your business intelligence. Are you including cybersecurity? If not, you should. All of these are very real security threats your new security plan should encompass.

Address Environmental Threats

While fire should be addressed in the security plan, environmental threats go well beyond fire. A defense against other environmental hazards should also be included in the plan, including flooding and freezing. Strategies for all of these things should be included in the new security plan to the extent that they affect building operations.

Determine What’s in Place

Next, it’s time to assess what you have in place to address these threats. This is where an experienced security integrator can be a valuable partner in creating the security plan. During an onsite assessment of your property, the integrator can identify the security technology you have in place and determine what parts of it can be used, retrofitted or upgraded for cost efficiency.

Add New Protections

Of course, the integrator can also explain where any new products or services would be recommended. In this step, you may learn about systems that hadn’t previously been considered: intelligent video equipment, access control for keyless entry, or commercial audio systems that keep everyone on the property informed. Additionally, they may propose new protocols to include in the security plan. Your security integrator can be your consultant and partner in the endeavor of developing a new security plan.

Creating a security plan your organization can live with is a better experience when you partner with a trusted security integrator. To discuss a new business security plan, Delaware businesses can call Security Instrument. We will be glad to show you what’s possible.

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