Why Consider Cloud-Based Access Control?

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Now that the key to business security is actually keyless (at least in terms of building access), more businesses are looking into their options for cloud-based access control. It should be an easy decision to convert outdated, traditional door locks to access control; the absence of keys is enough reason on its own. But for those business owners who still need convincing, here are a few advantages of making this shift.

Lower Installation Costs

For business owners who were early adopters of access control and left dissatisfied, it’s important to be aware that modern, cloud-based access control is much easier to retrofit than the first generation of systems.

For one, high installation costs are a thing of the past; those complex wiring requirements have been replaced by simple engineering that replaces the door locking hardware with the access control reader. With the communication powered by wi-fi, it’s easier, more affordable and totally wireless.

Broader Scalability

Now, security integrators can offer access control systems that range from traditional, computer-based systems to the latest in IP, browser-based technology. This can be done on a single door at a small business, a high-rise structure, or a multi-building campus. That’s what broad scalability is about.

More Customization Options

The days of “one size fits all” access control are long gone. From popular options like card readers and keypads to more advanced options like magnetic locks and electric strikes, cloud-based access control is available in tons of choices. As for the cloud? That’s what keeps the encrypted data for your system stored safely for your security.

If your organization is ready to take the next step in building security, we would be glad to speak with you about cloud-based access control. Delaware businesses of all sizes, please contact Security Instrument for more information.

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