Staying on Top of Summer School Security

Bob Gamble
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It’s been an unusual school year — and now, many campuses will be vacated again for summer vacation. Empty school grounds are susceptible to all kinds of security risks, whether it’s students exploring the campus at night or breaking and entering by people with more malicious intentions. The relaxed tempo of summertime can be inviting for everyone from the curious to the criminal, so it’s definitely not the time of year to let school security slide. Even if school police stay on duty during the summer, schools need extra security.

The answer is remote video monitoring. 

The answer is a remote video monitoring service that protects properties of all types, including school campuses. Your campus can have its own remote guard at our UL listed central station — a real person who conducts virtual tours of the property at times you have scheduled.

Here’s how it works: 

  • If an intruder is detected on your video, the remote guard intercepts and uses the voice-down capability to issue a warning. 
  • If the trespasser remains onsite, the guard informs them the police are being called.
  • In most cases, this prompts the intruder to leave (and not return).

Once word spreads around the community that your campus is protected by remote video monitoring, the troublemakers will decide to stay away. 

The service can supplement school police. 

Even the best school police officers can’t be in two places at once. With remote video monitoring, you’ll have supplemental security that ensures all the crevices of your campus are being patrolled. Your school administrators can choose what types of security events warrant voice-down warnings, alarm activations, and notifications to school and local police. 

Remote video monitoring is a great way to maximize your security budget, with a cost that’s a fraction of the amount a school police officer earns. And when school starts back in the fall, remote video monitoring can still be part of your campus’ security repertoire. It’s easy to budget for all year long, but summer is a great time to try it out. 

To learn more about our remote video monitoring service for school security in the summer, call Security Instrument today. We look forward to helping you. 

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