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Business owners know: The amount of time spent managing business technology is taking too much time away from running the business itself. The solution to this is office automation, which relies on specific technology to remove the headaches of office management — and one big piece of the office automation puzzle is smart security technology. Here are some examples.

Motion-Triggered Security Video

Video cameras that record all the time are completely outdated. In 2021, you want motion-triggered cameras that only record when a person or vehicle comes near. By upgrading to these cameras and replacing your old DVR video storage with a new, cloud-based storage solution, you’re on your way to the automated office you want to have.

In addition to this, you can opt for a notification feature that lets you know when a new clip has been recorded.

Rather than digging through hours of video footage after a security breach, you can view possible security events promptly from the convenience of your smartphone. This enables you to speak to a person while they’re on camera, rather than waiting until they break in or commit some other breach.  

The Right Access Control System

Maybe you’re still getting comfortable with the idea of bringing on an access control system to manage occupancy – or, maybe you have one that’s becoming outmoded and needs to be updated. Whichever it is, the right access control system to automate your office will give you: 

  • More control over functions. You want the ability to add and delete users, activate and deactivate credentials, or implement lockdowns on your own.
  • Management access from anywhere. Rather than being tied to a software program, you want a system you can access from any device with an internet connection.
  • Customized options for credentials. Whether you want credential cards, key fobs or facial recognition, you want several options to choose from.
  • Simpler guest entry management. Your visitors can be granted a mobile guest pass, which they can access by a text or email link.
  • Easy integration with everything. From your security cameras to your intrusion detection, you want an access control solution that can easily integrate with all your technology.

Energy Efficient Extras

Automating your office starts with the security technology, but it can continue with energy efficient extras. By investing in smart energy solutions, you can increase efficiency, lower overhead costs and feel good about running a more environmentally friendly office. Here are some examples:

  • IoT tracking systems to distinguish which areas of the office get the most traffic.
  • Smart lighting that adapts to the number of employees onsite and the natural light present. Studies show this can reduce energy costs up to 90 percent.
  • Smart HVAC systems that automatically align the temperature with your occupancy patterns, company calendar and even local weather.

To automate your office this year, you need smart security solutions like these. Call Security Instrument to learn more about these exciting possibilities.

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