Smart Home Security Solutions Relieve Your Worries When The Kids Are Home Alone After School

Smart Home Security Solutions Relieve Your Worries When The Kids Are Home Alone After School
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It’s almost Fall, and school is back in session, which means you’re busier than ever running the kids to school and afterschool activities. As a working parent, your kids are often home for a couple of hours in the afternoon with no supervision. Like any other parent, you worry about their safety, but intelligent security solutions help secure your home and streamline household chores.

Say Goodbye to Lost House Keys

Traditional lock and key systems provide ample opportunities for burglars to gain entry to your house. They know all the places people hide spare keys, and it’s essentially an open invitation for criminals to enter your home. It’s also not convenient when you need to leave work to let the kids in the house after they forgot their house key.

Pair a video doorbell and smart locks with your security system, and you can assign each family member a unique security code to enter the house. When the kids get home from school, they simply enter their passcode, and the smart locks unlock the door.

You can even program the alarm system to send you notifications when someone uses their code to enter your home. You’ll never need to worry that the kids made it home from school.

If someone forgets their code, simply have them press the video doorbell. That alerts you and lets you connect to the system and unlock the door using the app on your smartphone.

You Control Who Has Access to Your Residence

One common worry parents have is what your kids will do when someone rings the doorbell while they’re home alone. The video doorbell is the gatekeeper to your residence. When the UPS man or visitor rings the doorbell, you can answer it with your smartphone and communicate with whoever is there through a live video feed.

With the ability to essentially answer visitors at the front door of your house no matter where you are, the kids don’t need to worry about answering the door. They remain safe inside and won’t answer the door for the wrong person.

These are just a few of the incredible features that smart home security has to offer. If you don’t already have a security system or yours is out of date, contact a security integrator to get a customized security plan for your home.

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