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Security takes on a new meaning in finance applications, where both the stakes and the risks are higher. At Security Instrument, we have security products and services unique to the finance sector. Some of the most powerful security systems we offer for your financial institution are listed here. 

Silent Alarm Systems for Banks

While a traditional alarm siren can be valuable to scare off criminals and alert bystanders in some security events, that may not be the case for a crime at a financial institution. Many bank robberies happen without the awareness of patrons, and sometimes it’s best if it stays that way. If a note is passed to a teller demanding cash or threatening violence, a silent alarm can be the key to getting police to the scene before customers are aware — and, before there are devastating consequences. 

Video Analytics for Finance 

It should go without saying that financial institutions need video surveillance, but video analytics go one step further by providing business reporting records to your administrators.

With a simple login, you can find out who entered your location, at what time, and through what entrance. This is in addition to motion-triggered recording of vaults, ATMs, lobbies, parking lots, common areas and other places where video surveillance may be deemed necessary. 

Local Security Monitoring for Your Institution 

In the finance sector, it’s especially important that the security system is monitored by the integrator’s own locally-based monitoring center. That’s what we offer your financial institution: our own UL certified central station, located in Delaware and serving some of the state’s best-known institutions. We have relationships with the law enforcement agencies that respond to your emergencies, and that gives our alarm signals the priority police response our clients deserve. 

The financial sector has high stakes security needs, and Security Instrument is here to meet them. For information on these and other security systems for your financial institution, call us today. 

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