Security Instrument Ranks on the SDM 100 Report

Michele Walder
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We’re pleased to announce that Security Instrument made the SDM 100 list for 2020, illustrating the decades of experience we bring to our customers. Founded in 1960, Security Instrument offers a full line of professional security services and products serving thousands of customers in Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, and New Jersey. Here is more on the SDM 100 list and why it sets us apart.

What is the SDM 100 Report

The SDM 100 Report recognizes the top 100 security integrators in America that earn revenue from selling and installing electronic security systems as well as monitoring and servicing them. For the purposes of this report, electronic security systems are fire and intrusion alarms, video surveillance, access control, and related low-voltage systems sold to commercial and residential customers. The SDM 100 report was first published in 1991 so is in its 29th year.

The Objective of the SDM Report

The primary goal of this report is to measure consumer dollars that alarm companies earn to account for the market size served by the top 100 largest security system providers. Companies are ranked by their RMR or recurring monthly revenue because it’s associated with contractual agreements between subscribers and security integrators and stems from customer billing services.

Security Instrument’s SDM 100 Ranking

Security Instrument ranked #86 overall, #65 in total revenue, #60 in residential subscribers, and #30 in non-residential sales and installation revenue. So, what do these rankings mean? Many companies on the list said that everything changed for their companies because of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the industry will feel the devastating results for years. It’s changed everything about the way people conduct their business and lives.

While security may be an essential service, even the top integrators have had to pivot this year. The narrative for 2020 isn’t as clear as other years yet and may rely on the recurrent monthly revenue that security companies have built up.

Even though the future of the security industry is yet unwritten, one thing is for sure. Security Instrument will continue to provide the same outstanding customer service and cutting-edge technology to its customers for years to come.


Founded in 1960, Security Instrument Corporation, a privately held U.S. Corporation, provides electronic security and life safety detection and associated monitoring and support services. Protecting guests, and profitability is paramount in the hospitality industry. If you have questions about how to improve your security, feel free to give us a call today.