Security Tips for Returning to the Workplace Safely

Returning to the Workplace Safely
Michele Walder
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Hopefully, it won’t be long before all workplaces can safely reopen. In the meantime, the local business community is struggling to determine:
  • How can companies get their facilities in the right shape to reopen?
  • Which employees should come back first?
  • Is there technology that can help limit building occupancy?
Here are some tips to put business owners on the right path toward safe, compliant reopening.

Get the building ready first. 

If a building has been vacant during the quarantine, it has to be ready to welcome back occupants. The best employees to leverage for this work are the building operations and information technology departments. These staff members can make sure all security technology, computer networks and devices are working properly before the rest of the staff comes back.

Bring the workforce on in phases. 

Once these employees have the building ready, you can start to phase in other workers – but it’s highly recommended you do this in phases. Depending on the size of the building and the density of your workforce, you may wish to start with as little as 30% of your workforce. If you have a larger facility, fewer employees or a day shift/night shift model, you may wish to bring on more. In any case, phasing in employees can help you reopen as safely as possible.

Control your building access. 

Even after employees are phased back in, you’ll want to set some sensible visitor limits. A cloud-based visitor management system can help you determine what your capacity is; it will factor in all occupants, both employees and visitors.
In addition to this electronic solution, many businesses are implementing visitor screening protocols to ensure that everyone who enters is healthy. Here are some questions commonly being asked of visitors, including customers of businesses:
  • Have you traveled to a high-risk area in the past 30 days?
  • Have you come into contact with anyone who recently traveled to a high-risk area?
  • Are you showing any symptoms of infection now, or have you in the past 14 days?
If desired or dictated by regulations, the screening process could also include a temperature check of visitors.
To supplement your efforts, consider whether an electronic access control system might help. These systems can be customized to the needs of a business so that the right people are given access to the building during permitted hours only. Ask us for more information if you are interested.
Business owners have an obligation to make sure they reopen safely and compliantly. To speak with a security expert about electronic solutions that can help, call Security Instrument. We would love to answer your questions.

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