Local Alarm Companies vs. National: Pros and Cons

Bob Gamble
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It’s hard to get through a single TV show without seeing a commercial for a big alarm monitoring brand. No wonder so many people arrive at the conclusion that nationwide alarm companies are the only sensible choice – and unfortunately, it’s an inaccurate conclusion. Here are some pros and cons to consider when it comes to choosing between a local company and the kingpins of the alarm industry.

Pro of Major Alarm Company: You know their name and can easily research them.

The benefits of name recognition are the same for alarm companies as they are for any industry. You can easily search for reviews of products and monitoring services; they are all over the internet. Unfortunately, the advantages end there.

Con of Major Alarm Company: Their name means nothing at the local level.

The reputation of a major, nationally-known alarm company is not necessarily echoed by its local dealers. To get an accurate account of how the dealer in your area operates, you will need to read reviews for that specific dealer.

When you find those reviews, you may be in for a surprise – because often, you’ll see things that are the opposite of how the company is portrayed in national advertising. You’re likely to read about anything from poorly designed services, to rigid contracts, to subcontracted services to pressure tactics. Sadly, many major alarm companies are famous for these disadvantages.

Pros of Local Alarm Company: Investment in Your Well-Being and Community

Unlike major alarm companies, local alarm companies are more likely to be personally invested in the well-being of their customers and community. They make sure their equipment is designed to protect that well-being, and their monitoring services are performed at the highest standards so that help is dispatched immediately if a customers’ signal is triggered. And unlike a national brand, your hometown alarm company has a relationship with local law enforcement and community organizations; this is all for your protection. As you may have guessed, a major alarm company can’t offer this.

Are there cons of a local alarm company? 

If it’s an experienced, reputable company that’s been trusted by your community for generations, there aren’t likely to be any cons. Founded in 1960, Security Instrument is the perfect example of a local alarm company that fits this description. We are deeply invested in the security of our customers throughout Delaware, and our headquarters remain in Wilmington. Home security customers who want to make a switch, or homeowners ready to invest in home security for the first time, are invited to contact us today.

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