Key Drivers of Government & Municipal Security Systems

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Government campuses and municipalities require elevated technology and flawless integration in their electronic security systems. At Security Instrument, we design electronic security systems in response to the needs of government and municipal properties. Some of the trends that have driven the needs of electronic security services for government applications in recent years include the following.  

Smart Cities

Although the concept of smart cities continues to emerge in the U.S., it’s a rising trend that is making a major contribution to the electronic security market. Data collection tools from citizens, buildings and assets can be highly valuable for the essentials of public protection: upholding transportation systems, utility management, information systems, fire detection, crime prevention and more. The best electronic security systems for government and municipal properties will be designed with smart city applications in mind.   

Biometric Access Control 

Access control systems are no longer relegated to activated card credentials and keyfobs. Biometric access control continues to take over the space, with many government clients opting for the pinpoint accuracy of infrared technology mechanisms like fingerprint ID, facial recognition and retina eye scanning. These methods can authenticate the identity of employees and other approved occupants in lightning speed, even when people are entering in large groups. Biometrics provide the ideal access control technology for public buildings. 

Business Intelligence 

Analytics are a key to success for private industry, and they prove to be even more valuable in government sectors. In addition to the federal government, state and local governments rely on intelligence gathering to make public policy decisions, protect citizens and develop economies. With the right access control systems, integrated with powerful video surveillance, governments can gather the data and intelligence they need to make informed decisions for the good of their citizens.   

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