How to Ensure Your Business is Secure and Future-Proof with Access Control

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As businesses everywhere struggle to create new security protocols to meet guidelines and regulations for COVID-19, social unrest across the nation continues to cause more security problems. Access control is a critical part of any security system, and now there’s a future-proof, scalable, and more secure access control solution- Openpath’s enterprise access control system.

Why You Need Openpath’s Enterprise Access Control System

You need an access control system that can scale with you as you grow on a cloud-based platform that offers first-class features, flexibility, and interoperability. This access control strengthens your security as well as compliance, including Canadian and European standards. Openpath products are compliant with GDRP, SOC 2, and CCPA regulations.

Their hardware is also FCC, and UL 294 compliant, and their card readers are IP65 rated. Openpath also meets the physical security requirements of PCI and HIPPA.

Openpath Future-Proofs Your Biggest Asset

Your access control system needs to be scalable, so it’s easy to manage no matter where you are. This access is backwards compatible with most legacy systems and cloud-based so you can retrofit and integrate or add new locations later down the road.

It works in businesses of all sizes, including multi-tenant buildings where it gives you the option to change and containerize the levels of access control for sublease.

Openpath Access Control Makes Managing Your Facility Easy

Manage your facility, even multiple sites from one screen without needing an administrator onsite for management. Change access schedules for multiple sites and buildings remotely. The model based on SaaS allows you to scale your security system’s capabilities as your business needs change. There’s no need to invest money in costly IT resources and hardware with Openpath enterprise control access control systems. Occupancy and space management reports help multi-tenant facilities use workspaces better.

Reduce the Burden on Your IT Department with Openpath Enterprise Access Control Solutions

Company IT departments are often overworked and costly. With Openpath access control, you eliminate the need for local hardware, dedicated IP networks, VPN access, and servers.

The open API allows integrations with your company’s enterprise IT systems while still meeting strict security and compliance standards. Scale and manage your access control system on the cloud instantly from one interface. Your access control updates automatically, so it always operates efficiently and effectively.

These are just a few benefits of Openpath’s enterprise access control solution. For more information on how this innovative access control system can help your business contact Security Instrument.


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