Features to Jumpstart Your Security Strategy

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A strong security strategy is crucial for a busy business owner. One of the best ways to improve yours is by switching to a video surveillance platform that has more advanced features. Here are some of the video surveillance features to look for if you’re ready to jumpstart your security strategy. 

A Web-Based Connection to Your Cameras   

Whether you travel long distances for conferences or spend time on the road making sales, you can’t be onsite all the time. That means you need viewing access to your video from anywhere. With a web-based connection to your cameras, so you can have it. Your new platform should give you access from any device with an internet connection, whether it’s the hotel business center computer, your company laptop or your personal smartphone. By logging into your secure account, you can view your security video on demand. It’s an instant enhancement for your security strategy. 

Insights for Better Business Intelligence

With better business intelligence, you can make better business decisions. To get that business intelligence, you need a platform that allows you to program your own settings for the insights that matter most to you. You may choose to have your cameras intuitively determine:

  • The number of customers who have entered in the past hour, shift or day.
  • Whether someone crossed a line into a restricted area. 
  • When you are at highest risk for loitering or vandalism. 

With the right platform, you can program these specific analytical commands directly within your camera settings. This puts you on the right track toward an optimal security strategy.   

Easy Sharing for Emergency Workers

If you have an emergency incident, first responders and law enforcement may need to see your video in real time. A powerful video surveillance platform allows you to program sharing on demand in these scenarios. All it takes is a tap on the simple activate or deactivate command to start or stop sharing with responders to the incident.  

If your security strategy needs a jumpstart, these are some of the features you’ll need in a video surveillance platform. To discuss any of these features with knowledgeable security experts, give us a call at Security Instrument.  

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