3 Proven Security Protocols to Implement This Summer

3 Proven Security Protocols to Implement This Summer
Bob Gamble
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Students are returning to school soon, so now is the time to re-assess your security practices to improve campus safety. With fewer staff and students, it’s easier to evaluate what’s working and not working with your security plan. Here are three successful security protocols to consider implementing if they aren’t already in place.

Upgrade Inexpensive Security Equipment

Some security repairs and upgrades aren’t as expensive as you think. Functional lighting is critical to campus security. Check all of the lighting on campus around pedestrian sidewalks, buildings, and parking garages and lots.

Also, make sure to upkeep the landscaping properly. Overgrown bushes and trees create perfect hiding places for criminals, and if the lighting is out in these areas, it’s very unsafe.

Dormitory Security

Many sexual assaults, thefts, and robberies happen in or around dormitories. Ensure that all door locks work and that the entries are protected. Add video intercoms so that students and RA’s can visually verify the identity of visitors before letting them into the dorm. Consider adding emergency stations around the dorms so that students can report crimes in progress or emergencies quickly.

Evaluate Areas Where People Can Use a Vehicle as a Weapon

Criminals often utilize vehicles as weapons. Installing concrete or metal bollards prevents  someone from crashing into a crowd of people or a building. These barriers can be designed as concrete planters with flowers in them as well as trashcans or benches.

Put up specialized fencing made from the same material used to stop jets when they land on aircraft carriers. These cables can withstand a large truck driving 50 mph. Line the roadways with this fencing to keep vehicles on the road.

Collaborate with local and campus police to identify problem areas that need attention. Ask for their advice on what’s wrong and what’s changed since they patrol the campus every day. They can provide great advice and work with your security integrator to develop the best safety plan for the school.

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