3 Incredible Gifts for the Smart Homeowner Who Has Everything

3 gifts for the Smart Home Owner
Michele Walder
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Since Christmas is just around the corner, you know there are some people on your list that are difficult to buy for like the smart homeowners who seem to have everything. How about giving them a different way to interact with their home automation by gifting them with some great connected devices?

The Smart Speaker

Some speakers today can do more than play music. The Apple Homepod, Amazon Echo, and Google Home are the heart of your smart home security system. They truly enable efficient home automation by telling your appliances and electronics what to do without raising a finger.

These pods can tell you the weather today, help you order takeout, or change the temperature in your house. They use voice recognition, so they understand and complete commands. This technology allows you to even close your garage door or turn on smart lights all while sitting on your sofa.

Smart Kitchen Gadgets

What can be better than the ability to turn on your lights with your voice? Smart kitchen appliances! Smart gadgets really streamline kitchen processes allowing you to multi-task in a way you never could before. A smart microwave is an excellent kitchen appliance that responds to voice commands from your home automation hub (the smart speaker). Tell the microwave to pop popcorn while you’re sitting on the sofa. It doesn’t get any more convenient than that! You can even scan the barcodes on frozen food, and this smart microwave suggests how long you should cook them.

Smart Watches

The Apple Watch is in its third generation, and many security systems are compatible with it. You can operate much of your whole home right from the watch on your wrist.

The watch features Taptic feedback that lets you feel alerts that your security system sends to your smart devices. Many people control their home with their smartphone or tablet, but your watch is always with you attached to your wrist. This intuitive awareness of what’s happening at home is like no other. Use your watch to deal with security incidents so you can guarantee the safety of your home.

Hopefully, these smart devices give you the perfect gift idea for the smart homeowners in your life.


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