Protecting the Post-COVID Workplace with a Visitor Management System

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The extraordinary global impact of COVID-19 has affected all of us – and now, employers must determine how they can facilitate a safe return for their employees and visitors. Here’s how to get started, including one technologically advanced way to manage and trace who is onsite.

Do Preliminary Legwork

The very first steps toward reopening a worksite for employees, vendors and customers are basic but powerful. They include:
  • Screening all employees before they come back
  • Redesigning the workspaces for social distancing
  • Establishing high cleaning standards for the premises
After that, employers can take the next step by embracing these mechanisms.

Clear Communication of Practices

Businesses of all sizes must actively communicate with visitors and employees on the practices being used to maintain a safe and healthy workplace. This can be done with posters in the front lobby and signs throughout the building. Communicating what the business is doing to reduce the risk of infection also communicates to visitors what is expected of them in return.
If masks are required, say so. If hand washing is already part of the routine, it should still be communicated to remind employees and put visitors at ease. If equipment is being frequently sterilized, people can benefit from knowing that – and whatever social distancing policies are being enforced, people will need to know that as well.

Visitor Management Systems

Fortunately, there is security technology that can help workplaces ease back into their routines in a post-COVID world. With a visitor management system, a worksite will have a single source of real-time and historical insights regarding who is onsite currently and who was onsite in the past. That historical insight will become especially valuable whenever contact tracing is needed.
If a vendor or other visitor reports they have been infected with COVID, it will be necessary to trace their times onsite and compare them against employees so the employer will know who needs to be tested and or/quarantined. The reports generated by the system can help the employer do this quickly and accurately.
Getting a workplace back into the swing of things safely might not happen overnight, but there are things that can make it simpler. To learn more about the technology discussed here, contact Security Instrument. We will be glad to answer your questions.

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