Benefits of Keyless Access Control Systems for Businesses

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Numerous security concerns have arisen for businesses over the past year, but there’s nothing new about the need to keep the doors locked. However, employee keys are becoming antiquated for today’s businesses. Now, the practice of replacing keys with the modern method of keyless entry is widespread.

Keyless entry is a form of access control that uses electronic door locks rather than traditional locks, and electronic or magnetic credentials instead of traditional keys, to manage access to a building. Here are some of its greatest benefits.

Enhanced Building Security

With keyless access control, each user needs an authorized credential to authenticate their identity; when the authorized credential is swiped, the door is triggered to unlock. The absence of metal keys means employees can’t lose keys, make copies of keys or give a key to an unauthorized person. The keyless entry credential can’t be copied and is difficult to get lost. As for sharing it with an unauthorized person, employers can check the security video to verify the identity of anyone who enters. If the employer opts for a mobile or biometric credential, then the level of security is even greater. 

Better Management Capability

With keyless entry, credentials can be activated and deactivated by the employer as people are hired and terminated. This is the improved management capability employers need in today’s security-sensitive business culture.

Employers also have the ability to restrict building access during certain hours of the day. By replacing employee keys with keyless entry credentials, you can bar them from entering after business hours. As the employer, you determine when the premises open to employees.

Data Protection

Concerns about data security are certainly understandable. If you’re concerned about an electronic system being vulnerable to hacking, rest assured that a quality keyless entry system is not. With end-to-end encryption and no data stored at the local level, it is virtually impenetrable to hackers.

Keyless entry systems give you the access control you need as an employer. To learn more about replacing outdated keys with this modern access control technology, call Security Instrument today. We look forward to hearing from you.

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