On the site of a commercial business, government building or educational facility, the quality of security system installation and integration matters. Project management experience is a must; here are some reasons why a good track record in this arena is essential for commercial security.

Reason #1: Inimitable Design Needs

In many cases, a unique organization warrants a unique security system design. If there are multiple buildings, remote locations, restricted areas or high-risk spots, those needs should all factor in to the design process of the system. When a security integrator has successfully designed for those types of needs, that should be a prognosticate of the success on your project as well.

Reason #2: Project Scope Scalability

Once a security expert has taken on projects of massive scope, the experience of managing those larger projects can easily be scaled down to a smaller organization. Likewise, implementing a complicated project on a smaller property can be excellent training ground for projects of a larger scope. The ability to scale a plan according to the scope of the project is a skill that can only be developed while implementing a series of challenging projects over time.

Once a security expert has taken on projects of massive scope, the experience of managing those larger projects can easily be scaled down to a smaller organization.

Reason #3: Flexibility is Required

Even in the most plug-and-play security system designs, a measure of flexibility is required; by the same token, highly customized designs call for a certain amount of elasticity as the needs of the organization change over time. When the integrator has a broad project management portfolio, there is a higher likelihood of being able to provide new options to the client when they are needed.

These are some of the biggest reasons why project management experience matters in commercial security. Wilmington organizations looking to implement or improve security systems – including alarms, cameras, access control and more – may contact Security Instrument for more information.

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The garage may not get a lot of notice, but if you are fortunate enough to have one, the garage is a vital part of your home-life. It keeps your car safe and out of the elements and keeps larger and lesser used items safely tucked away, among many other uses. Whether your garage is for storage, used as a man cave, or is home to your teen’s garage-band, there are some good reasons to make getting a smart garage door the next really smart thing you do.

1 Smart Garage Doors Improve Your Safety

There is one huge problem with regular garage doors– forgetting to close and lock them. That is a pretty big deal since over 70% of Americans use the door from the garage to the house as their primary entrance. When you couple that with the knowledge that most burglars make their entrance through an unlocked door, it is a small mistake that can lead to catastrophe. The smart garage door solves this problem by using geofencing and your location as a trigger to automatically close the door when you leave or close it behind you when you get home. This means that even if you have a million other things on your mind, the garage door still gets closed and the home is secure.

2 You can Control Access

Whether a neighbor needs to borrow a tool, a package is getting delivered, or the kids use the garage to house as their preferred entrance when getting home, a smart garage door lets you both provide and control access.Not only can you open the door remotely as needed, you can also provide unique access codes with expiry dates. This eliminates the need for physical keys so you never compromise your home security.

3 Set Up Alerts

A smart garage door can also help increase your security through alerts. Each time your garage is accessed, or each time someone tries to access your garage it sends an alert to your phone through the smart garage door app so you can check on the activity. You can know who got home through unique codes, or know if someone not authorized is trying to gain access. If it is also connected to security cameras, you can tap in to see the activity.

4 Trigger Other Actions

There is no place like home and a smart garage door makes your security system home even better. If your smart garage door is connected to other smart devices, it can serve as a trigger for other actions. By using geofencing, it can trigger the lights to go on or signal temperature adjustments when you draw near or lock the doors (aren’t you glad you got those smart locks?) and arm your system when you leave.

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If you are new to having a smart home, you definitely want to know how to to get the most out of home automation. Home automation is one of the most exciting advances in home technologies ever, and also the most useful. A well designed and integrated smart home system offers so much more than mere convenience; it also offers improved home security, increased energy savings, and allows you to manage safety as well as provides greater insights on daily activities at home. But, you need to know how.

1: Have a System Designed to Meet Your Needs

The first and most important step in getting the most out of home automation is to have the system professionally designed to meet your needs. A professionally installed system will cover all of your needs and concerns and gear them to the specifications of your home. This will ensure that smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, motion sensors, security cameras and locks are all exactly where they are most needed. It will also ensure that all your expectations are met, whether it is being able to access security footage remotely, or having 24/7 monitoring. Professionally installed systems also ensure compatibility among products in a constantly evolving industry.

2: Invest in the Right Products

There are a ton of home automation options on the market, and all of them are compelling. That doesn’t mean they will all serve your unique needs. Look for smart devices and services that truly benefit you. For example, smart thermostats and smart lighting are convenient and provide energy and money savings and that is a high priority. For another, being able to access as many systems as possible remotely may not be a convenience, but a matter of necessity. Opt in to what meets your needs.

3: Program it Properly

Ok, so early versions of smart home technologies were complex and difficult to program. But that is not true today. In fact, smart home technologies are so smart that you can easily program your preferences into the system and have the system itself learn your usage patterns and adjust accordingly.

4: Think of Each Element as a Tool

When you think of each individual element of home automation as a tool, you start to think of all of the ways it can be used. Smart lighting goes from just turning on lights in the morning and off at light to being used as a crime deterrent, and safety feature. Motion sensors go from detecting intruders to monitoring the movements of the sick or infirmed.

5: Choose the Right Company

To get the most out of home automation, you need a company with great service and support. The industry is always evolving and offering new options and a reputable company with experienced technicians will help you stay ahead of the trends.

Your life is individual, and your home automation and security system should be, too. Security Instrument Corp. Offers a full line of electronic security, life safety, and home automation products and services and unparalleled support.
With Headquarters in Wilmington, Delaware, Security Instrument owns and operates it’s own state of the art, UL listed, Factory Mutual Approved Central Station delivering personalized, comprehensive, monitoring, information, and support services 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

In previous eras, homeowners could only dream about knowing what was happening at home when they weren’t there. But today, knowing what’s going on at home is easy to do – that is, provided there are smart video cameras integrated in the home security system. When smart home cameras are installed, all homeowners need to do is take out the phone, open the home security app, and get an instant view of the activity being captured on camera.

Here are some other details for smart home camera newbies.


They come in all shapes and sizes.

Homeowners have a wide range of choices when it comes to smart home cameras. With guidance from the right security company, they can decide what model will work best for their home security needs based on home size, family size, and household budget. As a private company since 1960 that has serviced countless homeowners, Security Instrument can provide that guidance.

They come with high quality monitoring service.

The smartphone app is a homeowner’s portal to the numerous features in a smart home system. One of those is the notifications feature, which allow the homeowner to customize which events they want alerts for; when people come home and when someone is at the door are two prime examples.

But what if one of those events is a true emergency, and the homeowner misses the notification? Security monitoring service is there to fill in the gap. At the central station monitoring center, trained security operators are standing by ready to respond to alarm activations – and with smart home cameras, there is footage to verify the nature of the emergency. This is how smart home systems make alarms and video work together.

They aren’t just for security.

Smart home technology is excellent for security, but it does more than offer an extra layer of protection for the household. It can also help simplify the essential processes after a disaster. For instance: After a house fire, the video can be submitted to the insurance company as critical evidence documenting how the fire occurred. Real homeowners have benefited from this service, filing more successful insurance claims when a fire originates from circumstances out of their control.

To learn more about smart home cameras for home security newbies, contact Security Instrument. We will be happy to answer your questions.

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Security Instrument is a full-service, independently-owned security integrator that offers numerous residential and commercial security options. We serve thousands of customers located throughout Delaware, MD, NJ & PA.

Remote video monitoring is a service that many organizations contemplate, but few truly understand until it is demonstrated to them. Here are some of the most critical things remote video monitoring can do for security.

Prevent Loitering, Vandalism and Theft

Schools, hospitals and office buildings are valuable institutions in our communities – but unfortunately, they are often prime targets for criminal activity. With remote video monitoring, administrators have crime prevention technology on their side. The service acts like a remote guard, touring the property on a scheduled basis just like a live security guard would. With a voice-down capability, the remote guard can communicate through a speaker to let trespassers know they’re being watched and law enforcement is on its way. This is designed to send them running and not return. Ideally, it won’t take long for word to spread that your property is no place for criminal mischief.

Supplement Live Security

Most institutional properties have a live security force; however, even the best guards cannot be in two places at once. With remote video monitoring, security staff can stay at their posts with confidence that remote areas of the property are still being watched closely. Clients can choose what types of security events warrant voice-down warnings, alarm activations, and notifications to onsite security.


The intelligent software communicates with the monitoring center when an event takes place, and an alert is triggered immediately. Guards can deploy to the site of the activity, but they are not required to have eyes in every direction; the service does that for them.

Make Security Budgets Manageable

Security staff is necessary, but hiring a full force of skilled guards can be expensive. Often, remote video monitoring costs a fraction of the amount a trained security guard earns. For organizations that need to manage the bottom line – and these days, that’s every organization – remote video monitoring can make good economic sense. Some clients opt to use the service afterhours only to ensure the property stays safe until morning. Depending on the type of organization you manage, there are different timeslots in which to consider utilizing the service.

Remote video monitoring may not be the only security service you need, but it can certainly fill security needs where gaps exist. To learn more, contact Security Instrument. We will be glad to answer your questions.

About Security Instrument

Security Instrument is a full-service, independently-owned security integrator that offers numerous electronic security options. We serve thousands with residential and commercial security in Delaware, MD, NJ & PA.