Smart, Safe Summer Fun at Your Business

Summer Safety Fun
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Summer tends to be a more laid back time in the workplace, with employee appreciation days and maybe even a company picnic. If these events take place onsite, it’s the employer’s responsibility to make sure they are carried out responsibly. Here are some tips for smart, safe summer fun at your business. 

Limit outside guests. 

A company picnic is likely to be an occasion when employees are allowed to bring guests; however, it’s a good idea to keep that guest list limited. Set a fixed number of approved guests for each employee (children can be included in that number), and encourage employees to bring immediate family members or significant others only. Asking employees to RSVP with the name of their plus one can be one way to ensure that anyone coming to the party was selected by your employees mindfully.

Limit alcohol consumption.  

No matter where your event is being held, it’s a wise idea to limit alcohol consumption. Drunk and disorderly guests are not just a safety hazard; they can also open a pathway to unwanted litigation. There are many ways to restrict alcohol comsumption at your event, including: 

  • Having a bartender, as opposed to a self-serve liquor table.
  • Issuing drink tickets (one or two per person maximum).
  • Asking the company safety officer to watch for guests smuggling in their own alcohol.  

Unrestricted alcohol consumption is never a good idea for an event connected to your business. Limiting alcohol consumption at a company event is what responsible business owners do. 

Limit facility access. 

If the event is on your property, it’s wise to hold it in one designated area onsite. If you’re concerned that guests could wander outside designated party areas, there is security technology to help you keep tabs. Consider adding on this extra security support: 

  • Cameras watching over the entries to restricted areas.
  • Access control stations guarding security-sensitive workrooms. 
  • Remote video monitoring service to patrol critical boundaries. 

If your business missed out on holding an employee appreciation event last year, then everyone is likely to be looking forward to resuming the tradition. By taking these tips into consideration, you can help everyone enjoy a smart, safe summer event at your business. For questions on the security technology discussed here, call Security Instrument today.  

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