How Thermal Cameras Can Help Your Business Post-COVID-19

George Schneck
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COVID-19 introduced many unique security problems for businesses world-wide. As they struggled to come up with adequate solutions, they realized that they needed better security options. Enhanced security would help prevent further spreading of the virus and ensure the safety and health of employees and visitors. That’s where new thermal cameras come in.

Thermal Camera Basics

There is one significant difference between thermal and traditional security cameras. Thermal cameras use the infrared spectrum while traditional cameras work on the visible spectrum. But not all thermal cameras are the same. It’s important to talk to your security integrator to make sure you purchase the right cameras for your needs.

Thermal Cameras and COVID-19

Many companies discovered that thermal cameras were one solution to many COVID-19 problems. The biggest issue businesses face is making sure that employees and visitors don’t come to work sick because of how rapidly the virus spreads.

Thermal security cameras help logistic companies and airports scan employees to see if anyone entering their buildings has an elevated temperature. Co-working spaces are using thermal cameras to make sure that their clients don’t have a high temperature. Food distribution companies use these security cameras to record footage for possible future lawsuits and scan for safety issues.

The FDA is very specific on the requirements for using thermal cameras for this purpose. The equipment must be very accurate, +/- 0.9 degrees F, and should use a black body calibration unit as a control to minimize the degree of inaccuracy. The thermal cameras that most of us are familiar with have a 5-10-degree F margin of error. Therefore, it’s critical to find the right thermal camera for the job.

Combined with cloud services, these cameras are a powerful security tool. You can monitor alerts in real-time and store the data and video footage elsewhere on the cloud until you need it. It’s a flexible security solution that helps you keep your employees and visitors safe and healthy.

For more information on thermal security cameras and how they can help you limit the spread of COVID-19, contact Security Instrument.


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