Why you should integrate lights with your home security system

Bob Gamble
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Now that home security customers have access to interactive systems that can control lights inside the home, there is a greater opportunity for them to use lights as a security tool. How is that done? Here are some ideas for making the lights in your home a security advantage, using the Virtual Keypad app on your mobile device.

  • When you arrive home at night, manually turn on your front door lights from the driveway before exiting the car – or better yet, turn them on before you leave work.
  • Alternatively, program your lights to automatically come on at the same time the alarm is disarmed every night.
  • If you live alone or are concerned about night time break-ins, program a downstairs lamp to come on during peak vulnerability hours. For example, a light can be on from midnight-4 a.m. Ask us about the optional lamp module service that does this!
  • Program indoor lights to come on if there is an alarm activation.
  • Before going on vacation or away overnight, program your lights to come on at dusk and remain on until sunrise.

Of course, you can customize your Home Automation system to turn lights on and off as needed; after all, no one knows your schedule better than you.

Remember, though: This is also a remote energy management system. With the economy being what it is, we can all use a viable way to cut corners; what better place to start than your utility usage? It may not be practical to stop running your dishwasher at night or to cut down on the family’s laundry. But what is practical is making sure lights are only on when they need to be, and that is what Security Instrument offers.

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